4 Ways To Get Your Garage Door Ready For Winter

A functional garage door can keep your home safe. Just like any other part of your home, your garage door will need some maintenance to stay functional. If you are passionate about keeping your garage door running smoothly, you need to realize the impact that cold weather has on this part of your residence.

Current predictions are that the winter of 2022-2023 will be brutally cold. Instead of going into winter unprepared, now is the time to check out your residential garage door. If you want to get your garage door ready for winter, here are some things to focus on.

4 Ways To Get Your Garage Door Ready For Winter

1. Take a Look at Your Rollers

When a garage door opens swiftly and smoothly, then the rollers are functional. These components are designed to keep your garage door on a set of tracks. Rollers are rod-and-wheel parts that will take a beating over time. In most cases, rollers are made of either nylon or steel. Before winter weather moves into your area, take a look at your rollers.

If you notice one or more of these rollers are worn, cracked or chipped, then you need to have them replaced immediately. Hiring experienced professionals to perform this work is a great way to avoid problems.

2. New Weather Stripping is a Good Investment

Keeping the inside of a home warm during winter is challenging. If there are any drafts present in your home, cold air will make its way inside. This will lead to uncomfortable indoor temperatures. When checking for drafts, be sure to inspect your garage door.

The weather strip seal at the bottom of your garage door will become brittle and damaged over time. Failing to replace this weather stripping can lead to a lot of energy being wasted. Hiring garage door repair professionals is a wise move if you aren’t comfortable replacing this component on your own.

3. Moving Garage Door Parts Need Lubrication

Cold weather has a tendency to dry out the moving parts on your garage door. When these components are dry, a lot of friction will be created. This friction can damage moving components, which is why proper lubrication is so important.

During winter maintenance, it is important to use a spray lubricant on the moving parts your garage door has. As you spray this lubricant, be sure to focus on your overhead springs.

4. Make Sure Your Garage Door is Balanced

Another important thing you should do when getting your garage door ready for winter is to make sure it is balanced. Improperly balanced garage doors usually overwork the door opener. The garage door opener will wear out much faster if it is consistently overworked.

Manually moving your garage door up about halfway is the first step in this balancing process. If the door doesn’t stay at this halfway point, then the springs are improperly balanced. With the help of professionals, you can properly address this balance issue.

By implementing these tips, you can keep your garage door running smoothly during winter.

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