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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door spring repair may not be a popular topic in everyday conversation; however, it is an important one when it comes to maintaining the function and safety of your garage doors. If you experience problems opening and closing your garage door or notice a change in its condition, it is important to call on your garage door spring repair specialists. With a garage door repair service on your side, your doors will remain in a safe, reliable working condition.

What is a Garage Door Spring?

A garage door spring is engineered to offset the weight of a garage door allowing the door to open and close with ease. Whether manually or a garage door opener, the springs must be wound to a high tension to take the weight off the garage door. Owing to this high tension, the garage door spring can and will fail over time.

Continuous high tension can cause the garage door spring to lose its efficacy. This is when a garage door repair service must be consulted. A certified and experienced garage door technician can replace the problem parts to make the door safely operational again.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs consist of torsion and extension springs. A torsion spring consists of a pulley system connected with cables to the bottom of the garage. The extension spring system is lighter than the torsion spring and achieves tension by stretching the springs and cables. The extension spring must-have safety cables attached to avoid disaster should it malfunction.

Failing Garage Door Springs

When a garage door spring loses its tension and performance owing to rust and poor maintenance, it can no longer perform the way it should.

Aged garage door springs make opening the door difficult, it makes a strained noise when in use, or completely snaps making lifting the door impossible. When a garage door spring breaks, it cannot be repaired. It must be replaced by a garage door repair service that can be performed during garage door maintenance.

Never attempt to repair or replace the garage door springs yourself. When your garage door is not operating the way it should call on your professional garage repair and maintenance service. Working with compromised garage door springs is dangerous. It can slip, come loose or break.

With the services provided by your professional garage repair business, only the best quality garage door springs are installed. Many high-quality springs include a lifetime guarantee.

Contact your trusted garage door specialists at the Good Guys Garage Doors. We are here to help maintain and replace problematic garage door springs for your safety, and the longevity of any size or style of the garage door.


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