Keep Your Garage Doors Running Smoothly

With more affordability and increasing car owners, garages have become integral to homes, and garage designs have also evolved. By themselves, garages are spaces used to park vehicles or for storage. But, it is the garage doors that need closer attention. 

Parts of A Garage Door

Garage doors perform a simple function, i.e., opening and closing the garage. But, they contain several parts to function.

Door opener: It holds the opening mechanism with a box hanging from the ceiling and a cord plugged into an outlet. The opener gets the signal from the switch, and the motor generates the necessary energy for the opening mechanism to function. In addition, torsion springs aid the motor that controls the course of the movement.

Tube, tracks, and rollers: Tube shafts that run above the garage door hold the torsion springs in place. The tube doesn’t move; but, it allows the springs to function. The tracks and rollers ensure that the door doesn’t go off-course and moves as designed, straight up and down.

Drums: Drums are pulley wheels at the end of the tube shaft. These drums rotate when the spring is released, and as they connect to the cables, the cables move. 

Cables: Metal lifting cables on each side of the door connect the door to the opening mechanism. The bottom of the cable is attached to the bottom of the door on both sides, and the tops are connected to the drum. The cables get rolled as the drum rotates, and the cables get pulled upward to lift the door. 

Safety sensors: The point of a garage door is to keep your vehicles safe. So, safety sensors and emergency cords have become part of the design. Safety sensors are usually located on the wall at the bottom of the garage door. Placed on either side of the door, they project beams of light that keep the door functioning normally if unbroken. 

Emergency cords: These cords may not get used frequently, but they hang from the door operator and help when you wish to perform regular maintenance of the garage doors. When the cord is pulled, the door won’t be able to move on its own. 

Garage Door Maintenance

Knowing about all the parts of a garage door is one thing. Maintaining it can be a more daunting task. The solution lies in contracting the services of a good firm that has experience in maintenance services. It is the only way to go if you want to keep your garage doors functioning optimally, allowing ease of movement and providing safety at the same time.

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