Liftmaster Versus Genie Garage Door Systems

When it’s time to get a new garage door setup, what do you choose? What’s the best option for your property?

These days property owners have a lot of options. New garage door systems are more than just a spring-loaded retractor and a button. Many of them are really sophisticated smart home integration systems that complement other high tech home gear. For example, many of us are familiar with high-end doorbells that record video and provide active notifications but how many of us have really taken a look at modern garage door systems?

Here are some differences between two top sellers, the Liftmaster company and the Genie brand.

Smart Home Systems

So let’s start with the smart home value of each of these options. Liftmaster has a lot of its own features in its MyQ system that’s based on smart home integration and interactive features. There is a smart camera setup as well, which goes back to what we were talking about with doorbell design. High-end garage systems can also provide excellent security for their own part of the property, the same way a doorbell does for the front door area.

On the other hand, Genie’s Aladdin system has real-time monitoring tools and specific features for smartphone integration. Some of those features are compelling reasons for people to select this brand over its competitors.

Different Types of Lift Systems

One of the other big issues in selecting a modern garage door is that some brands don’t have the same choices when it comes to operational design.

Specifically, some people are disappointed by Liftmaster’s discontinuation of screw drive systems. Yes, they have belt-drive systems and jackshaft openers and all the rest, but their screw drive doors are a thing of the past.

Why is this important? Some people swear by this type of system, partly for its durability and specific mechanism. There’s a certain solidness to the functioning of these door systems, and that can be a deciding factor for a shopper. For example, if you already had a screw drive system and you loved it, you may want to stick with that, in which case you’ll find yourself going to a manufacturer and vendor that can accommodate you.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

No matter what kind of garage door you get, you’re going to want it properly installed and serviced. You’re going to want to be able to have a company you can trust to maintain it over time.

As we mentioned, these systems are complex. But they’re not only complex in their smart home design – they’re also complex in their mechanical build, too. You might look at the specs for a sensor operation that’s going to determine whether you can close the door and keep it closed in any given scenario. We’ve had people complain about overactive garage door sensors that can really frustrate busy households when the door just won’t do what you need it to do!

So that kind of calibration is important, and that’s just one example of professional maintenance and repair. Call Good Guys Garage Doors for the expert service you need!

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