Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

The repair of off-track garage doors: an off-track service is due when the rollers have come off their tracks as a result of a force applied to the garage door. We recommend a quick fix of this problem as the garage door can fall down and cause injuries.

Sagging Garage Doors: have your doors shifted or moved from their normal position. Don’t worry, as all it needs is a simple reinforcement or realignment. Call us to know and our technicians will come to your home to check out the garage door. We will also check the entire garage door to make such that the garage door does not require any repair aside from the alignment.

Garage Door Panel Replacement: Good Guys Garage Door Repair technicians are the best when it comes to garage door replacement. We can also replace a section of your garage door in case it is damaged. As a promise to our customers, all repairs are done within the shortest possible time at the best prices. Always thinking about your budget.
Garage Door Roller Replacement: when your garage door leaves marks, we advise changing the rollers or having it oiled.

Broken Springs

WARNING: Torsion springs, extension springs, and other garage door hardware can cause serious injury or death if not handled and installed properly. Professional installation is recommended.

Do NOT attempt to install springs or hardware yourself. Contact a licensed garage door repair company.

Extension and torsion springs, along with attached hardware, are under extreme tension at all times. All tension must be released from springs before any work is performed.
Garage door springs break for a variety of reasons with extreme and fluctuating weather conditions being the number one cause as weather stresses the springs beyond their breaking points or breakage due to wear and tear. Whatever, the reason, a broken spring leaves your garage door inoperable. This means your garage door can’t open or close. We advise that you stay away and keep kids away from the door until we arrive to check it out.

Good Guys Garage Door Repair will check the functionality and safety of the door to prevent any hazards for you or your families by performing a detailed 25-point safety inspection during maintenance. Another check is done to ensure that the spring repair job is done properly with high-quality parts. Testing the garage door several times up and down to make sure all is safe and secure before we leave.

Tune-up and Safety Checks

A garage door is a complex piece of machinery that needs periodic interval maintenance for it to continue to function well. A good quality garage door has over 300 moving parts that work in synchrony to open or close the door properly. With Good Guys Garage Door Repair, our technician checks every single mechanism to ensure that your garage door is safe & secure.
times. However, we advise all our clients to book a maintenance check with us to avoid breakdowns.
When our technician comes for a routine check or for a repair concern, they perform a thorough check for the safety of all other parts including door panels, springs, sensors, safety release, tracks, hardware, and every other part that makes the garage door work properly. Our technician will not depart until all mechanisms that could be potential problems. We advise all our clients if there is any information that is necessary regarding the garage door and prevents them from calling quack maintenance servicemen to prevent any hazard to you and your family.

Our maintenance checklist for garage door tune-up includes:

  • An in-depth inspection of all mechanical parts that make up the garage door
  • Inspect and tighten all loose screws and bolts
  • Lubricate all the garage door chains and sprockets
  • Check and adjust the garage door travel and safety settings
  • Check the alignment of the electronic eye
  • Check to see that the garage door laps well when closed or open and re-balance as necessary
  • Our check will not cover the change of all parts that need replacement or fixing.

Broken Cables and Rollers

Is your garage door breaking during openings and closing? then call us now for a thorough inspection of the lift bracket, lift cable, hinges, and top roller carrier. We also replace worn-out rollers, cables, and hinges to decrease the stress placed on the opener for a more durable garage door from Good Guys Garage Door Repair Company.

Remote Control and Keypad

Okay, wondering what remote and keypads are doing here. They too get damaged and need repairs too. The remote control battery needs changing or reprogramming. Call our technician today for the required help with the reprogramming. Whatever your garage door keypad or remote is, we can help you today.

Routine Maintenance

You can book a routine maintenance check with us at regular intervals and we shall keep the time and check your garage door to make sure it is functioning well.

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